Play multiplayer online board games on a 8 by 8 grid. Main features are events, signature game, game statistics and a home room.

Quick Download

Date 2020-06-27. Version 0.12.3. Download windows client software for desktop.
Use the client software to login to the server using the username: demo and password: demo or register at this website to get an account that you can use to login to both the forum and client software.


Currently the games you can play are snakes and ladders, reversi, chess, checkers and the signature game.
  1. Always 100% free client software.
  2. 2000+ chess eco opening notations.
  3. Five 8x8 board games to play online or offline.
  4. Maximum of 2000 levels for a player.
  5. Hall of fame showing top players.
  6. Free website advertisement at the forum.
  7. In game waiting room and game room chatting.
  8. Room lock feature. No back doors.
  9. Anti-cheating of player statistics.
  10. Player activity server logging.


What is KG8x8BoardGames?

You can play against other players from all over the world. The server saves the win, loss and draw statistics for each game that you have played. Your win, loss and draw statistics are saved to a MySQL database at server side. You can view many of those statistics by clicking the hall of fame link at the main menu of this web page. Download the client software.

What makes this website unique?

The theme of the website is playing board games on an 8x8 grid while you try climb up the hall of fame. Play a fun game called the signature game found nowhere else. Also, this website is adding new features all the time. Trophies, tournaments and in game events are on the TODO list. Read the news.

The signature game was created from the author of this website. It is similar to monopoly but has more features. You are able to buy houses, cafe stores and taxi cabs. You can mortgage a land or trade a land like monopoly. Yet, the signature game has a lot of side events not found anywhere else. You are able to navigate around the board not just from the outer units of the board but also from using the inner units.

Note that currently the name of the signature game is called signature game. Its the signature game of the client.

If you like chess then you might want to try a game against the CPU. In chess there are over 2000 opening moves that the CPU understands. Also, the CPU checks two steps in advance for checkmate. The CPU is able to end the game is 3 moves. At the end of the game, you are able to view the move history.

What is the client software?

The client software is the software that you use to connect to the server to play online games. Only one client can be online from the same computer. The "Clients Online" text displayed at the top of the page refers to the amount of players online within the client software.

If you decide to play a game offline then you can do so against the CPU or with 1 other player using the same computer. Play a game of chess or the signature game against the CPU. Play a game of checker, reversi or snakes and ladders against another none CPU player.

You can play all those games against other players online. You are able to host a game. Your hosted game will be advertised at the lobby. The other player that would like to play a game will see your game information at the lobby. After that player clicks the button beside your game information, that player will enter your waiting room. You are then able to kick or ban that player.

If you ban a player then that player can never enter your waiting room until you recreate a game to host. You can kick a player for 15 minutes. That player will not be able to join your waiting room until that time expires.

At the right side of the game room screen, The panel has the time remaining for each player, the dice rotator, the history buttons and chatter where anyone in the game room can chat with each other.

Using the history button you can review a game that was just played. After the game has ended, some games will display the history buttons. From left to right, the four buttons are, go back to the beginning of the game, go back one turn, go forward one turn and go to the last move of the game.

At the right side panel of the client, some games have a dice rotator. Basically its a wheel that has the number 1 to 6 on it. If the player clicks that wheel while the 3 is highlighted then that player will move 3 units forward.

That dice rotator operates faster in full screen mode than regular window mode. Full screen is forced. A player will not be able to leave full screen mode unless normally exiting the game. Everyone will have that wheel operating at the same frame rate.

If window mode was enabled, a player might have the idea to click the "x" at the top-right corner of the client, hoping that a lose will not be recorded for the hall of fame. Be enabling full screen mode and forcing only that display, a player will not be able to cheat. If somehow that player bypasses full screen and leaves the game by clicking the "x" or ending game task manager, the server will notice that the player is not there and a disconnect event will be triggered for that player. A loss will be recorded for that player if that player was still playing a game and a message of that event will be sent to all other players within that game room.

When playing a game, if a player chooses to end game then a message to the other players will be displayed and those other players will continue playing the game if there are 2 or move players remaining. A message for those other players will be triggered when a player left the game room while still playing, left the game room when the game has not started, left the game room when game ended, quit game while still playing or had time expire.

What is the server software?

All clients send data to the server. For example, when a player enters "room A" then that information is sent to the server. The server then sends that data to all other clients that are at "room A". At the top of this page shows the amount of servers online. Each server can handle 100 clients but that value will soon be increased to 200. When that player logs into the server from the client then that player is online.

What is the forum?

If you want to play a game with other players from all over the world then you will need a forum account. By registering at this forum, you will automatically be registered for online play at the client. An email address is needed but not currently verified. Its good practice to write your password on paper and keep that paper somewhere safe.

Use the forum to post any question you might have about this website, its features, any bug found or feature requests. You can also have a general chat privately or publicly. You can also advertise you game at the advertisement forum.

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