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Title: Changes
Post by: admin on June 27, 2020, 03:30:38 PM
Both client and server version 0.12.3. Date: 2020-06-27.

New Features.

Room Lock Feature. Rooms now have a room lock feature. Two or more players were able to setup the same room or enter into the same waiting room near the same time. The player that setup a room is the host of the room able to ban, kick or start a game for the other players. When there are two or more players setting up the same room, the game will not operate correctly. The game cannot have two hosts because one reason would be that in a two player game the host moves a piece first.

When a player request to enter into a room, that room will now be checked to determine if its locked. A message that the room is locked will be given to any player that tries to enter a room when all room data has not been sent to the first player that entered into that room.

A player might find a way to cheat or crash the server. Every action that the player does is now logged. Each day a file is created and is used to hold all players actions. There was a problem where a fair amount of places that logged a username was logged as a username called null. That bug is now fixed.

Experience Points. This is the second event added to the client. On the day of this event, you will receive experience points after your game has ended. A game win gives the full experience points value for that game, while a game lose will give half experience points value for that game.

Different games give different experience points. A game that gives higher experience points is a game that can take longer to finish. Chess can end in three moves but can also take a very long time to finish. Chess and checkers has a 50 move rules. Therefore, those games give the same experience points.

After you mouse click the Experience Points at the main menu, you will see a table containing all 2000 experience point level and the experience points needed to advance to a level. So, if you have 110 experience points then you are a level 2 player and depending on your level, a board game feature can be unlocked and your player shown at the website Hall of Fame page.

Miscellaneous Menu. Game instructions and game statistics can both be accessed from the miscellaneous menu button from within the client software at lobby. From that menu if you mouse click the 'Checkers' button, the game instruction is downloaded from the website then displayed at the miscellaneous menu output scene. At the miscellaneous menu you can also mouse click the 'Statistics' button to display your wins, losses, draws, credit total and experience points total.


More images added at this screenshots link. New Changes link added to the Main Menu. Summary section added to the home page.

Bugs fixed.

Sometimes when entering the waiting room, all data for that player would not display. That room was empty of all data. That bug has not been seen for a while so hopefully its fixed.

A the lobby, sometimes the room data was seen as empty when it was not. Mouse clicking that room would bring another player into that room as host.

After a none hosted player reentered into the same waiting to become a host after the game had ended, there would not be a start game button when reentering into the game room.