Play multiplayer online board games on a 8 by 8 grid. Main features are events, signature game, game statistics and a home room.

Registration, spectator feature and upcoming game

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A correct email address is now needed because here at the forum the email activation is now enabled. After you register here at the forum, a validation code will be sent to your email address. You will need to click a link from within your mail to complete the registration process. You can also copy then paste that link text into the internet navigator address bar.

Use your forum username and password to login to the server by clicking the "Multiplayer Online Using TPC/IP" button from within the client software. Download the client to play board games offline or online.

The next game added to the client will either be the Captain's Mistress which is known more widely as Connect 4 or the Mak-yek board game where players move their pieces as in the rook in Chess and attempt to capture their opponent's pieces. Add a comment to this news to vote for the game you would like in the client.

The upcoming feature is where a user can watch a game in progress. The spectator enters in to the game room by clicking the "Watch game" button from the lobby. A spectator can never play at that game room but can view the history of moves and can also see the current game in progress.

If you have a game that you would like to advertise, you can advertise your game here.