Spectator Watching - New Feature

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A "spectator watching" is a new feature as of 2020-05-22. A member can mouse click the "Watch Game" button from the lobby to watch a current game in progress at that game room. The move history will be updated for that spectator after a game player in that game room moves a piece. At that time, the move history will be taken from the server and then used to move each piece very quickly on the game board for the "spectator watching" until the most current piece in history is reached. The spectator's game board pieces will then be in sync with the current game.

A "spectator watching" feature should not be confused with the "spectator playing" feature. A "spectator watching" can never join that game or take part in another game in that game room, while the "spectator playing" is a player that lost a game in a 3 or 4 player game and can play another game after that game is over for all players in that game room.