Play multiplayer online board games on a 8 by 8 grid. Main features are events, signature game, game statistics and a home room.

Event schedule and event credits.

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New to the software are the event schedule and event credits. At the main menu of the client software there is an event schedule which displays the current event and the upcoming event displayed as a date and time. An event is active when the event schedule displays that event name under the word "current". Clicking the event schedule will display the calendar.

At the calendar, all the events are displayed for that month. You can move forward up to 6 months in the future but can only move backwards until the current month is reached. Clicking the event name at the calendar will open a window that displays the description of the event.

Currently, only 1 event called credits exists. New event will be added soon. The amount of events in the software is limited to 40 events. The event called credits is the first event made.

Calendar showing the event schedule.

Win a game and earn credits. Instead of cash, you can use credits to purchase something to improve your board game membership. When you have enough credits you can redeem your credits for a month of paid membership or anything else available at the website.

A credit is given only when you win a game on the day that this event is active. There are credits_today and credits_total for each player in the database. The credits_total will plus one in count every time a credit at credits_today is given. There is a limit of 5 credits per day for credits_today when the credits event is active.

When the player first logs in to the client, the current month and day values are compared to that in the database. If that current month value and/or day value does not match the month and day values in the database then a new month and/or day value(s) will be written to the database and the credits_today value is set back to zero.